LunaChick Chat is not "About" the founders, so this "About Us" page is about all of us - the founders, the members, the sponsors & the vendors.

LunaChick Chat is a collaborative of our voices, our energy, our stress and our resilience. It was developed at kitchen tables and backyard barbecues. It was created by each of us at the gym, up late at night with stress or crying babies.

Creating LunaChick Chat comes from a place of loneliness, hope and laughter. We believe that women in our crazy world may have lost themselves somewhere along the way with careers, dating, marriage, children, family…all the things. We want you to find your laugh again, we want you to know you aren’t alone, we want you to be a LunaChick and chat with us!

Every day is crazy for some of us and we can’t keep it bottled up. When you feel like “you can’t make this shit up”, you’ve come to the right place. Feel empowered that YOU are the "About US" page. You are the growth, development and future of LunaChick Chat.

So the next time you are with the girls having the same conversation, direct them to YOUR website, OUR website and tell them THEY are the "About Us" page.

We put it all out there with honesty and laughter.  You’ll get to know us pretty well when you join the flock. 

See you in the nest!