From Solitude to Sisterhood
LunaChickChat - Empowering Women Through Connection

Reviving laughter, empowerment, and self-discovery - one chat at a time! Welcome to LunaChick Chat, where women get their groove back.
We invite all women into our flock to gather and cluck about all that, so we can support each other, 
share common issues, laugh, and cry, forgive and forget and forge forward.
Do you have a lot going on with very little support?

You Need LunaChickChat in Your Life!
You owe it to yourself to laugh a little bit more each day.
LunaChickChat is a safe place to feel heard, vent, and foster relationships
We are cheaper than therapy!

People who laugh daily live 10.9% longer and have less stress.
Evolving platform where your voice and opinion matter.
Chick to Chick Connection

What is all the Clucking About?
24/7 Access to a supportive community that has your back! And so much more...
Daily and weekly live video chats to gather and connect with your sisterhood!
App Access, 24/7, wherever you are, so you don't miss a minute of the action and feel supported when you need it most!
A commitment to respecting your inbox – we won't overwhelm you with emails; instead, just log in to stay updated.
A say in the expansion and improvement of chatrooms, workshops, guest speakers, and shopping options.
Complete anonymity: No pressure to switch 
on your camera or reveal your identity, this is your space, on your terms, with unwavering sisterhood and support.
We don't want to record the group chats but we do need to keep them in a cloud 
for CYA purposes.
The freedom to be your authentic self and embark on a journey of self-discovery.
Library of Sarah and Whit's daily video podcast.
Monthly Membership 
for only $14.99 a month!
Meet Our Founders
LunaChickChat came to life because of toilet lights. Because Whitney has toilet lights and Sarah didn’t even know toilet lights existed.

 So we started talking about all sorts of things and haven’t stopped. We have a connection that is supportive of each other, without judgment. We were both in a place where we had lost our passion in our careers but found out that our passion wasn’t lost, just misplaced.

Creating LunaChickChat comes from a place of loneliness, hope and laughter. We believe that women in our crazy world may have lost themselves somewhere along the way with careers, dating, marriage, children, family…all the things. We want you to find your laugh again, we want you to know you aren’t alone, we want you to be a lunachick and chat with us!

Every day is crazy for some of us and we can’t keep it bottled up. When you feel like “you can’t make this shit up”, you’ve come to the right place. We have both experienced successes as well as traumas and we both sometimes struggle to get up in the morning. But knowing that we have each other’s backs makes every day a little lighter and we want to share that with you.

We both want to pay it forward and share our toilet lights with all the women out there who don’t have them yet, who don’t even know what they are yet.

We put it all out there with honesty and laughter.  You’ll get to know us pretty well when you join the flock. See you in the nest.